Smartphone reinpapier® Packaging

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Smartphone reinpapier® Packaging
Smartphone reinpapier® Packaging DE-PACK

reinpapier® is an ideal al- natural packaging made of 100% ecological raw materials, fully recyclable and biodegradable. reinpapier® is an innovative mix of starch, paper fibers and water. The raw material used to make reinpapier® has no chemical ingredients whatsoever and is also produced in a CO2-neutral manner. The two elegantly printed packaging trays convey an overall impression of ecological value through their warm, natural color and the leaf structures incorporated into the visible surfaces. When customers remove the band, they find the refurbished smartphone next to a clearly laid-out insert brochure. No plastic is used in this totally environmentally friendly packaging. reinpapier® packaging's velvety surface also protects your products from scratches.